Adventure Awaits: Introducing Wild Cape

Adventure Awaits: Introducing Wild Cape

We are ecstatic to be able to introduce our brand-new Evans & Tate range, Wild Cape.

Wild Cape is a celebration of the raw beauty of Western Australia’s South West and is inspired by the spectacular coastline and distinct regional characteristics of Margaret River wine.

Through photographer Andrew Semark’s epic and dramatic ocean photography, Wild Cape embodies the essence of the region where dramatic waves crash onto the coast and world-class wines are produced in this remote, pristine part of the world.

The Vision

The vision for Wild Cape was created back in early 2021 from a combined passion of wine and surfing in the Margaret River region.

FWG's Group Marketing Officer championed Wild Cape from the very beginning and said: “What other wine region in the world offers so much. You could never get bored, there is such a diverse range of outdoor activities and not only that but Margaret River is such an emotive place. The land and sea connect with a raw and powerful beauty. The coast can be wild, intimidating and scary but at the same time it’s pristine and beautiful.”

From the very beginning, the dream was to try and capture the powerful, raw beauty of the South West coast, and at the same time reflect the unique regional wine within. This is how the Wild Cape name came about – with the desire to capture the essence of this stunning, rugged wine region, enhanced by the dramatic images on the Wild Cape labels.

This concept also led to the decision to focus on the three varieties that Margaret River is well known for – Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon – and create exceptional, terroir-driven wines that showcase this pristine wine region.  

The Photographer

Ocean photographer Andrew Semark grew up watching the powerful waves all along the South West and started capturing images from a young age on his parents’ camera.

In what initially started out as a fun hobby, Andrew honed his skills by chasing and shooting waves all along the coast and eventually turned his passion into a career. He is now one of Australia’s top ocean photographers.

When initial discussions on Wild Cape started, Andrew's name came up instantly as the photographer needed to achieve the Wild Cape concept.

He was excited to get involved with this project from the get-go. “I really believe Wild Cape encapsulates the very essence of what I photograph. Although wild, there is so much beauty within these moments,” he said.

The Winemaker

Senior Winemaker Matt Byrne has been at the helm of Evans & Tate for 22 years and has an innate knowledge of the South West region and Margaret River wines.

Wild Cape has allowed Matt to combine winemaking with two of his other passions – the South West coast and surfing – and his enthusiasm is evident. “Making a new wine is exciting enough (there’s always room for one more wine!) but to get some time in the water doing it is a bonus,” he said.

Matt has been surfing since he was eight years old and told us what he loves most about the South West coast: “The smell, the feel, the purity, the power. Challenge and reward. I could go on, but I won’t. Its allure must be preserved as best we can by all those that live and visit here.”

When asked what Wild Cape meant to him, Matt said: “Andrew’s extraordinary images that he captures simply stop you in your tracks – they’re a sensory overload in a good way. To make wine that has this same impact was my goal. Both elements I think are so effective in communicating what winemaking in Margaret River means to me, without saying a word!”

Bringing the Wild Cape Vision to Life

Matt said the connection between the Wild Cape images and the wines was obvious: “For me, Andrew’s images capture an intensity that’s palpable – rawness, purity and power. This was a winemaking ethos I had before I met Andrew, so the synergy was great.”

Wild Cape 2022 Sauvignon Blanc

The photo that represents Wild Cape Sauvignon Blanc is called ‘Void’. Andrew Semark succinctly describes the captured wave as “force, rare and relentless”. The same could also be said of Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc – a relentless wave of flavour showcasing the unique varietal characteristics of this region, which Matt labels as “purity and energy – Sauvignon Blanc in all its glory”.

Tasting note by Senior Winemaker Matt Byrne:

Super lifted with layer upon layer of seductive Sauvignon Blanc aroma – lime leaf, fig, lychee and mango skin overlaid with lovely notes of cut grass, lime zest and white flower. Flavoursome, long and delicious with salivating acidity and a textural element from a parcel being wild fermented in used French oak puncheons.


  • Trophy for Best Sauvignon Blanc of Show at the Royal Sydney Wine Show 2022
  • Gold Medal at the Royal Sydney Wine Show 2022

Wild Cape 2021 Chardonnay

Andrew describes the Wild Cape Chardonnay photo ‘Glimmer’ as “power and beauty”, which perfectly encapsulates the richness of Margaret River Chardonnay. This detail is also captured by the orange glow of the sky and the reflection on the ocean surface and is something Matt showcases in his winemaking. He aims to celebrate “chardonnay's ability to show complexity, texture and fruit power without sacrificing freshness”.

Tasting note by Senior Winemaker Matt Byrne:

Powerful ripe, fleshy stone fruit and melon flavours found in the best Chardonnay fruit grown in Margaret River. Balanced and matched with wild barrel fermented elements of malt, tropical fruits, cashew nut and fresh toast. A long, intriguing and massively flavoursome wine from the cooler 2021 vintage.

Wild Cape 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wild Cape Cabernet Sauvignon image is aptly named ‘Green Glow’. This image was selected to represent a darker, moodier style of wine, while still depicting the power of the coast and Margaret River Cabernet. Matt translates this power onto the palate when he states the wine “floods the senses with flavour, perfume and a silken palate”. 

Tasting note by Senior Winemaker Matt Byrne:

Ripe, layered and complex whilst still having the lovely perfumed lift that the best Margaret River Cabernet wines are renowned for. Blackberry, olive and dry earth with a touch of bright leafiness define the aroma and flavour of the wine. These characteristics are matched with a lovely dry, fine tannin grip, typical of young Cabernet Sauvignon from the excellent 2020 Margaret River vintage.

Share your Evans & Tate Wild Cape moment and you could win a framed print by photographer Andrew Semark. Shop the Wild Cape wines here or visit your local bottle shop and explore the raw beauty of the South West coast.

One winner will be drawn each week. Simply scan the QR code once you receive your wine, enter your details and upload a photo of you enjoying the wine. We can’t wait to see your Evans & Tate Wild Cape moments... your next adventure awaits.

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