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Whatever delicious dishes are on your Easter menu, Evans & Tate has a fabulous drop that will match perfectly.
Here are just a few suggestions to inspire food and wine perfection!


From tapas-style meats and cheeses to dim sum or vol au vents, canapés really do come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. And as this is finger food, rather than a sit-down meal, you'll also need a wine that's equally as delicious on its own, for those gaps between eating! A Rosé can be a good choice here, as it will make a great point of difference without food, has bold enough fruit to stand up to richer, spicy notes and yet will still be delicate enough to partner with those finer flavours.

Shop Rosé for canapés

fish & seafood

Sitting down for a fresh seafood meal has become a quintessential part of Australian life. Whether it is freshly caught, purchased from your local fishmonger or enjoyed at a local restaurant, we recommend a nice crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The fresh, dry aromatics and balanced palate structure of these wines make for an ideal complement to the seafood as it accentuates the taste of the sea.

Shop Sauvignon Blanc for Fish & Seafood

chicken & vegetables

Choosing a Chardonnay to pair with a chicken meal can be difficult as it depends on the weight, texture and flavour of the dish. For a roast chicken with crispy skin, gravy and roast vegetables, we recommend a rich, oaked Chardonnay with natural tropical fruit flavours. For a more delicate chicken dish, we recommend a lighter style Chardonnay which highlights the bright nectarine and citrus characteristics of the grape.

Shop Chardonnay for chicken & vegetables

pasta & pork

From olive oil and fresh pesto to hearty ragu, pasta comes with a range of tempting flavours. A Margaret River Shiraz can be perfect here, with bold plum and mulberry fruit to match a savoury sauce, yet a floral, peppery elegance that will stop the wine overpowering more delicate, herbaceous notes.

Shop Shiraz for Pasta & Pork

lamb & beef

The Easter break is a time to get together around the dinner table and enjoy a nice meal with your close family and friends. Many households will be preparing and enjoying a beef or lamb roast. The garlic, rosemary and gravy which is usually served with the meal creates the need for a robust, fruit-driven red wine, and what better to do that than a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Shop Cabernet Sauvignon for lamb & beef